Hello, and thanks for visiting!

Here’s a brand new blog for the review of popular media as forms of literature, or higher art.

In other words, in my posts I’ll talk about how high-nosed pieces like Ulysses have nothing on modern film, anime, and video-games.  My chosen items of review will essentially be, if I see it, you’ll see me review it, and hopefully I’ll be able to provide some level of insight beyond the typical “It had big explosions! Yay!” approach.  I am not averse to pulling in psychology, metaphysics, and sociology into my analysis: you have been warned.

Non Non Biyori 04 (2)This is still a work in progress, so constructive comments and suggestions are appreciated.

As always, thank you for visiting, and feel free to comment on/discuss anything that catches your eye.


3 thoughts on “Home

  1. YEAH I ALWAYS KNEW i am not the only one that thinks some animes are as geniues, brillient and deep as good pices of literature. I can’t wait to see and comment on this blog! 🙂

    (But i have to finish an anime first)

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